Powerstroke 08-10 HD 13" RACE/TOW CONVERTER

Powerstroke 08-10 HD 13" RACE/TOW CONVERTER


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SunCoast's Ford series torque converters use a larger than stock, triple clutch design for more holding power. Its forged billet steel covers provide added strength while also providing better heat distribution than stock type converters. Custom billet stators are available for increased torque multiplication and efficiency. These converters work for stock to high power applications for higher torque multiplication and better drivability.

  • Designed and manufactured in house
  • Tig welding to reinforce furnace brazed fins
  • Signature trapazoid clutch teeth (no round tabs)
  • Forged billet cover
  • Piston and stators machined in house
  • Pressure tested welds/spun balanced

***Must have SunCoast billet flex plate to work with this converter.***
Price includes a $300 Core charge. Core charge will be refunded upon return of old core.