BD Diesel Super B Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit - 1998.5-2002 - Cummins

BD Diesel Super B Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit - 1998.5-2002 - Cummins


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Product Name: BD Diesel Super B Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit
Manufacturer: BD Diesel
Manufacturer Part #: 1045320

Designed in a joint engineering effort between BD Diesel Performance and BorgWarner Turbo Systems' AirWerks program, these turbo systems for the 5.9 liter Cummins engine flow enough air for racing applications, yet are responsive and durable enough for street and heavy towing applications. Plus, they're backed by a one year factory warranty!*
Featuring BorgWarner's unique Extended Tip compressor wheel technology and low inertia, full-floating journal bearings, these turbos utilize BD's unique dual-volute turbine housing. This proven design utilizes low rpm exhaust pulses for improved turbine response, while the dual-action waste gate bleeds off turbine drive pressure from both volutes. BD's turbo systems also feature a heavy-duty waste gate actuator that prevents pre-mature opening caused by high exhaust pressure. You can even fine-tune your BD/AirWerks turbo for ambient temperature and barometric pressure changes using BD's adjustable waste gate control.
Put simply, you'll get more power, quicker response, cooler EGT's(Exhaust Gas Temperature's) and lower exhaust emissions with a BD/AirWerks turbocharger! And, you'll have the added benefit of proven journal bearing technology--the very same used in 99% of the turbochargers produced in the world since 1921.
Forged Milled Billet Wheel on secondary turbo
Includes Turbine Blanket for Primary Turbo
Stage-compounded AirWerks S300 turbochargers
High CFM yielding high power with low EGTs
Quick, low-rpm response
Broad power curve across the entire engine rpm range
Easily cool 575 rear wheel horsepower
Great towing and competition
Upgrade kits available for Super B Single
1190 CFM - 82.30 LBS/MN - 650 HP
Comp Wheel High Pressures: 66mm 2.60"
Comp Wheel Low Pressures: 58mm 2.28"
Turbos, Downpipe, Piping, Air Box, Washable Air Filter, Heat Wrap, Clamps, Hoses, Oil Drains, Brackets and Hardware
Extended tip compressor wheel technology
12 Months
12,000 Miles

**In order for warranty to apply, paperwork must be submitted to Grandmas Speed Shop @ certifying mileage. Contact Grandmas Speed shop for details.